Why did God Create Creation exactly the way He has ?                          

Inter-Realational Triune Love, had a Divine Plan and a Purpose, before time began, and has never gotten off it. In fact, it was with His Triune Love, that God so loved the World. And by which He Created Creation exactly the way he has - the very means to a more profoun and greater end.

is it not encumbant upon us, in truth, to re-examine our starting point, which we have adopted, as our foundational beginning, in attempting to comprehend the complexities of Humanity and Creation? Which, arguably, has been Adam-centric rather than God-centric.

For instance, what if we were  determined to make our beginning, where God actually began the Gospel, before the beginning, in Himself ? - More specifically, in the all knowing, all powerful, all present Triune Love of the Godhead.

Would we not be better placed - beyond our present in part knowledge and in part revelation, to have a more compelling overview of the  complex meaning of Humanity, Creation and The Creator. 

And also to have a more insightful and glorious opportunity, of accuratly finishing the Gospel, where the Godhead finishes the Gospel, after the finish -  within the Triune Love of the Godhead. 

Where Sacred Scripture reveals God, ultimately, will be all, in all and as all.

Which, alas, is not general impression and expectation of the World View, held by the vast majority of Churched and Unchurched.

As complex as this Question is we have only had an initial understanding of it. None the less, is it not time to revision our understanding, in a far deeper way, in the light of the whole of Sacred Scripture and God's Plan and Purpose of an all-encompassing Love?

These profound questions, though we have instinctively had them, we none the less, up to now, been dismissed as untouchable, unquestionable and unknowable.

We have responded, either by avoidance or denial of  these mammoth paradoxes  and  shadows in our understanding. Or  we have vainly attempted to validate  and rationalise our interpretation of  them, with in-part knowledge and in-part revelation - succeeding in  neither.

Even to the point where the very questions can invokes strong reactions of fear, denial, ignorance, hostility and even 'dogmatic' repression and control.

Which has left these crucial questions to often languish, under the 'Burden of Guilt' and projection, found in mans darkened separated consciousness.  Consequently subjecting  our 'true self image', as well as God's Holy Name, His Holy Will and His Holy Word, to terrible misrepresentations and  malign  distortions.

With many vain glorious imaginations, which have served to explain away,  rather than  reveal the glorious, residual  treasures of the Truth and Love of the essence of God, in all His purposes.

It is as if the 'Custodians of Denial,'  had a 'Duty of Care' to somehow protect God Himself, as well as us, from  these very important questions.

Yet in addressing these questions, would it not be a reasonable place to start where God started the Gospel, before the beginning - in His Love?

So as to finish where God finishes the Gospel, after the finish, in His Love?

As well as reexamine the veracity of the all important Paradigms we are using - situated at the very core of our own  conscious awareness. Whereby we are empowered to re-vision  and re articulate our perceptions of Reality, of Self and of God. Regardless of our present levels of persuasion or ideological beliefs.  

As we all realise, our paradigms will be 

Man-centred or God-centred.

It is from a Pre Creation Quantum Perspective, of God's all knowing and all powerful Love, where we are invited  to reestablish our starting point. To begin the formidable task of  our spiritual  journey into a deeper search of  meaning of Love and of our own true image and likeness. By starting where God started - before the beginning, so as to finish where He finishes, after the end. 

We need to start  in God's Love, so as to finish in God's Love - not in any created thing, -  especially in our lowered dualistic consciousness.

To once and for all, establish this God centered Paradigm in ourselves, of the Big Picture of God's Quantum View, of the Whole Providential Plan and Purpose of an All Knowing, All present Godhead of Love. 

To state the obvious, we can only begin this search for meaning,  from one of two vantage  points. Either, we will start from a Man-centred perspective, or a God-centred perspective.

The importance of the crucial foundational starting point, cannot be overstated. In this day and age we  realise , 'how' we are looking at something  is just as important as to 'what'  we are looking at - in determining  Truth, Reality and our True Inner Meaning.

As untold multitudes today, are painfully aware, that in spite of our best efforts thus far - many of which  have been sacrificial and heroic - very little has changed internally, individually or corporately. 

Where many  have sensed for a long time, what is needed in our spiritual lives, is a fundamental change in our own perspective or paradigms. Obviously  it is not more 'New Wine' we need, but a 'New Wine Skin'. And a comprehensive 'Quantum  New Wine Skin', at that. 

No matter how our in part knowledge and in part revelation may have served us initially, it is no longer adequate to sustain our spiritual growth and inner sense of meaning.

At last it is becoming apparent to many, what Scripture means, 'that which is old and obsolete is ready to disappear' (See Heb. 8.13). If we are to progressively grow, we have to be prepared to let go and change our perception of reality to its deeper meaning.

This 'Quantum New Wine Skin'  is surely found, in none other, than our recovery, through the Living Word of God and His Spirit,  of  the very essence and nature of God, together with God's Quantum Plan and Purpose of Love, for Creating the World, as a means to an end.

In which the Godhead sovereignly purposed, in Infinite Love, to reproduce, replicate and share this Love. Determining  to go, to hitherto incomprehensible lengths, in which to make this actually possible. By Love so giving of itself, unto death, so as to make this possible.

It all began, before the beginning, where the Godhead so Loved the World, they sent the Word of God, The Lamb of God, Only Begotten Son, to be slain  -  from before the foundation of the World (See Rev.13. 8 & 1Pt.1. 19.20).

Mysteriously - through whom  and in whom - all things in Heaven and earth were created, in Him, through Him and for Him, and now all things are held together in Him. ( See Jh.1. 3, Col. 1.15:17 &)

To be Lowered (Slain) into Creation, like a Seed falling to the ground into separation and fragmentation, so as to be  Resurrected in a multiplication and replication (See Jh.12.24), of His own image and likeness, in Glory, through the same Christ, the spoken Word of  God.

The Lamb (The Word) of God was sent out to this end, to be slain and fragmented, so as to both create all things and to redeem all things, authentically, back to the Godhead.

A type of this Seed of all Seeds and its exponential replication, is seen 
in the covenanted promise to Abraham seed (descendants), quantified as the stars of the heavens and the sand on the shore (See Gen22.17 & Heb.11. 12).

For one ultimate end and purpose, to replicate, multiply and share, by participation, the very essence of God's ecstasy and intimacy of inter-relational Love, Life and Godliness, in an embodiment of a many membered Christ.

From before the dawn of time, this Spoken Word of God, through which all things were created, is never ever without the power to bring itself to pass. This Divine Will and Love of the Godhead, expressed and sent forth in His Spoken Word, cannot return empty and void, without accomplishing  what  the Godhead  sent it to do.

It is from this Pre Creation  and Post Creation perspective,  of  the essence of the all-encompassing Love of God, that  at last we gain, a real Living Hope for Mankind and the whole of Creation, that is authentic, sustainable and eternal. 

Originating from within the Pre existent, Covenanted Relationship of Triune Love. A Triune Love that so Loved Love, it inconceivably   Planned and Purposed to give of its very self, as a means to a far greater end. That being to replicate and share of itself, the sublime and awesome inter-relational ecstasy and intimacy of Love itself. 

Through the unimaginable and  mysterious Divine Creative process, of Life, Death and Resurrection. God so loved the World He sent His Son, as a means, to this very end, to both create and redeem, the very essence of His own image and likeness back to Himself.

Where all was intentionally started in the Divine Genius of an all knowing, all powerful  and all encompassing Love. In which it was Divinely purposed to this end, for all to finish in this same all knowing, all powerful and all encompassing expansion, replication and participation of this inter-relational Love.  

Where the many memberd embodiment of God's Triune, all encompassing Love is all and in all

There were no oversights or unexpected mishaps in this sovereign Plan of Love. The only aberrations are in our inability to comprehend and interpret the vast extent of the reality of Love, in the found state of our lowered, separated, dualistic consciousness. Rather than from a Christ Conscious Awareness from the Tree of Life.Love and Godliness.