Lest we Not Forget -

The identified, 4,400 Child Sexual Abuse  Victims, and others,

 revealed by the Australian Royal Commission, into

 Institutional Response into Child Sexual  Abuse, 2013-2017

By 2000 Priests/ Pastors and their Pedophile Protecting Institutions.


Sadly, every  Religious Order, Dioceses and Denomination, Nationally, were called to answer

multiple, credible charges of  child sexual abuse, before this Commission.

Institutions were all found, to consistently protect serial perpetrators 

and their own vested interests of public reputation and consolidated wealth,

rather than the welfare of defencless innocent Children.

 Institutional Crimes of Systemic Collusion, so heinous, by  both Perpetrators

and their  self-serving, protecting Enablers, clearly over such a long period of time,

          An Abuse of Authority and power-over-others was found to be  endemic and systemic.

Defing any manner of explanation and normal human decency.

Perpitrated by a morally and spiritually bankrupt  and defunct Leadership,                                              

who have long since lost their way.

Clearly Demonstrating, that the core of this Systemic Problem

is, when any Religious Institution's  primary objective

becomes its own self-preservation and self-protection.ra

Arguably, in the eyes of  God and 'the silent majority' of conscienious objectors,

who have voted with their feet, these Self-serving Institutions

have already lost their 'Raison d'etre' .


                            - They have Lost the 'Spiritual' Reason for their own Existence.aison d'être

Raison detraison d'êtreaison d'être

'The Triple 'S' Disorder', is a somewhat confronting euphemism, for 'Shepards Shagging Sheep'.                 Which quickly became the in-house colloquial 'Title' for this Royal Commission.                          

In the Ode 'To Innocene Betrayed', this colloqual description is used advisedly.                                        To help remind those whose misplaced sensitivities and blind loyalties, may be more offended by this graphical description, than they are by the outrageous atrosities of the Profane and Blasphemous Abuse of Authority and Power-over-others. Of which Child Sexual Abuse is clearly not the cause of the problem.       Sexual Abuse is simply but one manifestation, of a much more insidious systemic problem of Power. Committed in collusion, by these  perpetrators and their protecting enablers, in all our Hallowed Institutions.          
                                                                                                                                                      A shameful Travesty of the Disrepute of Truth, Justice and True Love - Jesus Wept.

And on an even wider cultural scale, there remains an Historical and Societal Inditement,                              of misplaced trust, we share as 'Absent Adults', churched and unchurched.                                                          Having allowed such despicable atrosities, to have happened on our watch,                                                                   against the most sacred innonence of our most precous defenceless children.

An inherent type, of the Killing and Sacrifice 'of our First Born'- by our gods of this World.

Arguably, the devastating consequences of this catastrophic carnage,                                                will outlast the effects of Climate Change.

CollateralDamage is so enormous, its effects will outlast Climate Change.

The Triple 'S' Disorder.

                                        (An Ode To Innocence Betrayed)                                                                                       

Abandon Hope, all who enter here, is the foreboding refrain.                                                                   As it is a long day, in this Man-Made-Hell, for True Love - to ever be regained.

Where, the sacred and the profane, are so twisted and deranged.                                               Defending the indefensible, beggars belief - beyond insane.

    Trashing the Trust of the Innocent, and betraying ‘Our duty of care’, is infernal.                                           To abandon Children to such Internal Torment - is the 'Nightmare' that is Eternal.                                         

Craving ‘control and power-over’ others, is Adultism's misplaced opinion.                                                  A poor substitute to Triune Love's self-discovery, for Divine freedom and dominion.

There is no difference, between ‘pseudo’ religious authority, and the ‘perverted’ predator.                 Both collude for this same ‘self-gratification’, originating from thier self-same ‘insatiable’ detractor.  

Consumed by this same self-gratification - for perverted power and control,                                           In which 'to gain the world,' they are prepared 'to sell their soul'.      

Whilst always knowing whats 'Right and Wrong', for others.                                                                 In their infernal Will-to-Power, they desecrate ‘free will's’ birthright of others.


Both are enslaved and self-centric, with the same 'end' that Justifies their means.                            Driven, by 'hidden altered ego' motives, never appearing to be, what they seem.

Mistakenly Discerning this duality of Leadership - one as Good and one as Evil - is the cursed Criteria,                    Only a Resurrected Consciousness - of the Tree of Life, will  correct, this Myopic Hysteria.

This distortion from our vestibule, of  ‘the inner man-of-sin’,                                                             Are prophesied to be revealed - in all of us - prior, to the appearing of Christ, (within).                         (See 2 Thes. 2.3: 8)

The God-given Birthright of ‘free will’, is sacrosanct and universal,                                                   what God has joined together, let no man 'mal-form' as contemptible.

      Being found in contempt of the Law of God, of  Man  and Common Decency,                                      as  Law-less Religiuos Leaders, they became a Law unto their own Regency.

Our ‘Coming of Age’ as other Christ’s, has its  obligations, too speak 'Truth to Power,'                             so as to be heard.                                                                                                                                      Never again allowing, ‘Our Truth’ to be explained away, or relegated as absurd.

Mark my Words, you who have entered here - You’ll will never be the same.                                    Now, so ordained to stem this tide, by ‘My Grace is Sufficient’, which I’ve so named.

Will you too - with Me, 'not suffer', these little children’s Eternal Crying.                                                Now,  as untold multitudes of grown-adults, are still Traumatised and Dying?

In their hope-less struggle ‘to come unto Me’, so as to dispel this Diabolical Sorcery.                         Only in the experience of My Triune Love, can they overcome Love’s most insidious of Forgeries.

 Just as I Am once, proclaimed Triune Love’s Good News, to all those imprisoned in Hell.                           So You too, will lead these Captives Captive, in your own Empowerment of Triune Love - to Go, to Show and to Tell.

( See Eph. 4.8 :10, 1Pt.3.18:20, 1Pt.4:6 & 1Jh.4. 16:18)

By  Michael J Wood. OM.

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