The Tabernacle of God, The Tent of Meeting, The Ark of Testimony, The Place of At-One-Ment, The Holy Place, The Abode, can be seen as Parabolic figures of speech, used in Lev.16.19.23, to point to the inner realm of mans conscious awareness, as being the dwelling place or the abode of God and Man, on Earth.

Just as it is people, who make a house a home. It is our inter-relational participation with Love - with the Godhead, self and others. That makes the Word of God in us, an inter-dependent Living Spirituality, in our conscious awareness - the Inner Most Holy Place.

A mutual dwelling place, an abode of At-one-ment on earth, for both man and God. Our Christ Conscious Awareness is the Ultimate Holy Place and "Ark" or "Abode' of the Covenant .