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Quantum, Triune  Love of God,  before any Created thing 

At The Magnificent Hyatt Hotel. 

 On the Waterfront, Circular Quay,  Opposite Opera House, Sydney.

                   Sat, 7 th. April 2018    8.30am to 4 pm.

Located on the Picturesque Sydney  Harbour, 

near the world famous Harbour Bridge. 

On the waters edge and  directly opposite the Sydney Opera House.

As seen in photograph of Bridge and Hotel below.

The very birth place of Australia .      


: $188 each. Including Seminar, Lunch and T Break Refreshments.

Group bookings of six or more / or concessions $175 each.   



: Hyatt Hotel is within very easy walking distance along the waterfront, from Circular Quay Trains, Ferry and Buses.


: City Parking, Railway Stations, Buse and Ferries easily accessable.


  • Lunch and T Breaks refreshments included in registration.
  • Seminar admission by prepaid booking only.
  • Book early to avoid disappointment, due to limited Seminar Configuration.
  • 10% Discount for Group Bookings of six or more, or for pensioner/student
  • Our Office will confirm your registration details by email receipt.
  • For Overnight Accommodation requirements : see Sydney Hotel Directory. 


8.30am for 9.am - Start

9am - 10.15am- - First Sessions.

 10.15 - 10.45 am - Morning Tea

10.45 . 12 pm -  Second Session. 

Lunch.  12 pm - 1 pm

1 pm  - 2.15 pm - Third Sessions.

 2.15pm - 2.45 pm - Afternoon Tea 

2.45 - 4.pm - Final Session.

4.pm- Finish 

Optional Harbour Dinner / Cruise

7pm - 9.30pm.

A World renowned Harbour Dinner / Cruise on John Cadman Restaurant Cruise Ship.

Dinner /Cruise $175 per head.

Hyatt Hotel on Left of Bridge

Quantum Love of God, Seminar Registration Forms

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 Quantum-- Triune Love of God,  Seminar.

This exciting, deeper Biblical perspective, is centred the Quantum 

(whole and all encompassing) Inter-Relational Triune Love and Purpose, of God, before any created thing.

This revolutionary, ground-breaking, novel  perspective, 

starts, not in the demise of mankind, in the Garden of 

Eden. But in the all knowing , all powerful , sovereign  

Will, of  the pre existent Triune Love, of the Godhead 


We can begin our search for meaning (And World View), after the fact, in the very dilemma all mankind finds himself. Which is inclusive of some form of the fall Adam or in effects of His original sin.                                                    

(Which is where so many believers start from - or from the beginning of Scripture) Where they  inevitably start out and remain anthropocentric - Man-centred.

Or we can choose to commence our search for meaning (And our World View ) from the perspective of God's Original Plan and Purpose of an all encompassing Triune Love - or God- centric.


Where ultimately everything that came from the Godhead shall be restored. And where we are assured that inevitably, the Godhead ( Triune Love) will be all in all and as all . See 1Cor.15:28 & Eph 4.6      

                                                                                                                  Indeed an incredulous, enduring, complex and Glorious Mystery. Both of the Godhead, Triune Love, Creation and the Godheads Sovereign Plan and Purpose.                                                                       

Raising one of the most Compelling questions known to Mankind.. Why did this all Knowing all Powerful, all Present Godhead create creation the way He has and why Did the Godhead so love the World ?

In other words we can choose to start our search for the meaning of the Gospel (And Our World View) , where The Godhead started the Gospel. Which was before the beginning - within the Triune Love of the Godhead. 

Thus  enabling us to authentically finish the Gospel, where the Godhead finishes the Gospel. Which is after the finish, within the Triune Love of the Godhead. And where Love (The Godhead) will be all and in all  and as all.

God is Love ....And the very benevolent essence of Triune Love, itself, defines  the very essence of  the Triune relationship, within  the Unique Oneness of the Godhead.

                                                                                                                                  This  Non Created, pre existent, Infinite I am (Ego Emi) - the all sufficient one. (An ultimate definition of Infinite Relativity, of all in all).

Without beginning and witout end, Who is the Triune all existent One, of all that is.                                                                              

The all existent Love, which by its Divine bennovlent nature, is the very inter-relational and inter-dependent and inter-sustainable Triunity of the Godhead.

Together with the very essence of the all knowing Plan and Purpose of Divine Love for the World.                                                                           

Which The Godhead  alone initiated and inaugurated, before any created thing. 

With an Infinitely perfect Plan, which can never be compromised or stymied. It has never been repealed or revoked and never can be.

Not withstanding the incredible complexity of the very essence and nature of Divine Love itself. Together with its all knowing, all powerful Divine Plan and Purpose  

Where is the Good News? The World seems to be getting Worse?  Aren't Natural disasters increasing? Where s God n all mayhem? Is this Gods Wrath and vengeance ?

Yet, would  it not be reasonable to start where God started the Gospel, before the beginning - in His Love?

So as to finish where God finishes the Gospel, after the finish - in His Love?

In 'God's Quantum Love', we are invited to consider  re-visioning   our 'man centred'  perspectives, into a 'God centred' perspective.
We will do this in the New Light of God's Infinite all knowing, all Loving Providential Plan and Purpose, for Creating Creation exactly the way He has. As the Divine means unto this glorious end, of replicating His Inter-relational Image and Likeness of Love, Life and Godliness, exponentially, in the embodiment of His Many membered Son. 

Before any created thing, the Godhead designed and purposed, this incredible plan of Creation, in and through Christ His Son, the Word of God. A Plan and Purpose that was sent out and instigated, in Love, when the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the World. (See Rev.13.8 KJB and 1Pt.1.19.20). This infinite Word of God, Himself, can never return empty or void, without accomplishing, what the Love of the Godhead has sent it to do.

Perhaps this profound mystery of the inter-relational Love of the Godhead, is better intuited in the parabolic narrative of the Sower sowing the Seed. Where Jesus maintained, if you understood the parables of  'the sower sowing the Word'  you would understand all parables (See Mk 4.) Again, He said, 'if a grain of wheat dies and falls to the ground, it produces a hundred fold of itself. If it does not die, it remains by itself alone'. (See Jh.12.24) 

Quite clearly, Jesus  Himself, is referred to as that seed (See Gal.3.16), or the seed of all seeds of creation, through whom all things were made. And furthermore, from a perspective of the Quantum Love of God, not only, was Christ the Living Word of God sent out, when God spoke Creation into being. But we now finally understand, that  in the mystery of Love itself,  Love encompasses the complex matrix of Life, Death and Resurrection.

Put another way the essence of Love, is to multiply and share this inter-relational ecstasy of itself. Love itself deploys this very matrix process of Life, Fragmentation and Multiplication, to make possible, the exponential sharing of Love itself, in the embodiment of His many membered Son, the Word of God.