The Quantum, Triune Love of God. - before any created thing.

In 'The Quantum, TriuneLove of God, before any created thing', we are invited to reconsider the crucial importance and responsibility we have, of the ongoing re-visioning of our perspectives of the Gospel, as to the ultimate plan and purpose of the all encompassing Love of God.

To mature from a 'man-centred' perspectives, to a more comprehensive picture of a 'God-centred' perspective.

To grow from a our selective in part knowledge and in part revelation, to a quantum whole perspective of the Godhead's Triune Love for the World.

To authentically discern between the means (methodology) of Love, to the ultimacy of the end of an all-encompassing Quantum plan and purpose of Triune Love itself.

A profound mystery, which simply put, was and is, to share exponentially and by replication, the intimacy and ecstasy of an inter-relational Love.

Through Triune Love's Glorious and Ingenious Plan And Purpose of Creating Creation exactly the way it has.

By sending forth His Son as a seed to fall  the ground into  fragmentation and separation. So as to multiply His very own image and likeness one hundred fold, as numerous as the sand on the shore and the stars of the shy.

(See All things Created Jh.1.1.3, Col.1.16.17.)

(See All Things Reconciled Col.1.19:20, Eph.1. 9.10,and ! Cor.15.27.28)

All part of His all knowing all powerful, all present, Glorious Plan and Purpose for Creating Creation.

Through which ultimately, all things were both created and reconciled, through Christ, to the Godhead.

Ultimately, as the Divine means of authentically replicating, multiplying and sharing, exponentially, the Godheads very own image and likeness of Love, one hundred fold.