A Pre- Creation Theology.

The Pre-creation Theological Criteria of the Quantum Love of God, a last, gives us a more comprehensive Biblical Paradigm, in which to authentically comprehend, the all-encompassing   Quantum Love of God, together with His Plan and Purpose of creating Creation exactly the way He has, as a means to an even far greater end.

A Hypothetical Questions. Have we started to Late and Finished to early, in an anthropocentric (Man-centred) comprehension of the unimaginable complexity of the Love of God?

And have we, in our hast, to understand the Divine all encompassing Love of the Godhead, confused His Process with His Purpose, and His method with His Motive?

His means to this end? Only when we start the Gospel, where the Godhead started the Gospel, before the beginning, in a self realisation of the Divine essence of this Triune Love, Will and Purpose.

Will we have any assurance, of accurately finishing the Gospel, where the Godhead finishes the Gospel, after the finish, in same Triune Love.