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Is Duality our Spiritual Carcinogen? 


  • Where did Jesus address the importance of Duality?
  • What is the core Biblical Meaning of Duality?
  • Is Duality far more than Double Mindedness and Negative Thinking?
  • Is Duality a hidden Problem to most Spiritual Practitioners today?
  • Is Duality simply procrastination between being double minded ?                

These questions of what Duality or Dualism is, what is its Biblical relevance and what are its consequences in our daily spiritual life of faith, can no longer  be underestimated or ignored.

Including Paul’s personal dilemma seen in Rom.7, which seems for most, to highlight his personal conflict and the dilemma with Duality, rather than clearly elucidate, to date, the answer, of any enduring consequences.

For most of us, as believers, our initial perception of Duality would lie somewhere between, being doubled minded in our Faith, or belief and unbelief - Where we can expect nothing from God (See Jm.1.6:8).

To all other forms of unbelief, back sliding, procrastination, worry, fear and even schizophrenia.

Conventional antidotes, would range from ‘The renewing of the mind’, from Worldly Thinking to Spiritual Thinking, or a shift from Law to Grace perspective - as from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. Right through to positive thinking and confession.

Or to an endless pursuit of an intellectually increased knowledge of Sacred Scripture and 'sound doctrine' etc. - Ever studying the book, without coming to a personal and ongoing encounter with the Author of the Word of God. (See 2 Tim. 3.7).

All of which have served us well - to a point. But has proven to fall far short, when it comes to our everyday advancement in meaningful change. Insofar as demonstrating the Word of God becoming flesh and dwelling amongst us, or entering that illusive realm of God’s Kingdom - within.

Ironically, Jesus said, ‘You search the Scriptures, because in them you think you have Salvation, but it is they that point to Me’ (See Jh.5, 39:40) - the Word of God is a person not a book. Paul reiterated this fact, by saying ‘In the Letter is Death, but only the Spirit gives Life’ (See 2 Cor. 3.6).

But what does this all mean, can anyone make head nor tail of these apparent conundrums?

Is it beyond us? Or is there an actually way through, in the here and now - many are asking?

Looking deeper to what Sacred Scripture is pointing too.

To go Deeper in Christ we must be Taught of the Spirit. Firstly, I believe these deeper Truths of the Spirit, can only be revealed to us, by the Spirit to the spirit - we have to get Truth from God, in our inner most being - with our heart not just our head.

We also have to be prepared to go beyond the limitations of our flesh - thus far, of in-part knowledge and in-part revelation. Being prepared to go even deeper into the realm of Spirit, by Faith in the Living Word of God, within and in communion with Sacred Scripture.

Even though we once knew Christ after the flesh, yet now we are to know Him thus no longer. (See 2 Cor. 5.16)

However, as the truism of the old Oriental proverb states, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.

Many believe as we do, that in the church age, we have gone about as far as we can go, individually and collectively, as a people - with our in-part knowledge, in-part revelation and in-part experiences.

We need to go past our first fruit experiences of the Spirit.

We ourselves, in our ministry, are witnessing untold numbers making this shift, being prepared to go even deeper in God and in Faith, than ever they have before.

Spiritual Duality.

So lets look a little more deeply, at the serious question of Spiritual Duality, referred to and implied in many places in the New and Old Testament.

While at the same time considering the profound devastating implications Spirituality Duality does have, on our walk of faith. As well as inhibiting our Spiritual maturity and development in the mind of Christ. ( See 1 Cor. 2. 10:16).

Once seen for what it really is, many have rightly concluded that Spirituality Duality is so insidious, it permeates all we do and is the proverbial ‘Elephant in the room’.

Which most Spiritual Practitioners have completely missed or ignored - at their own peril and demise of the effectiveness of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.To which most Biblical commentators seem oblivious.

A House Divided.

Consider the foreboding warning Jesus gave anyone, who would follow Him, that they cannot serve two masters (Two Lords, two identities). You will at best, love one and despise the other. (Duality)

Even worse, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. A house (An abode or dwelling place of God - which we are) divided (Dualistic) against itself is finished. (See Mr.3.24: 27 & Mt.12. 25: 30).

In the final analysis - we, being the dwelling place of God and man, on this earth, will discover the core of this abode or dwelling, is the Spirit of our Conscious Awareness. Where God and I indwell together, inter-relationally in Love - not by fear, guilt and unworthiness.

But in a process of a creative progression of mutual participation and inter-relational Faith and Love— by a pro-active faith and trust in the Living Word of God - as He also exercises in us. Furthermore, Jesus also clearly declares, that your enemies will be that of your own household.

He was not suggesting it was your relatives or in- laws, but something far more subtle, inherent within our own Conscious Awareness - our separated, dualistic conscious awareness.(See Mt. 10.36).

The Lamp of the body is the eye, if therefore your eye be single (One), your body will be full of light, If your eye be bad (cross eyed or double) your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light (The paradigm or perspective) that is in you, is darkness, how great is the darkness. (See Mt.6.22).

The parabolic metaphor here, lends itself to point to Spiritual Light or Spiritual Darkness, depending from which paradigm or Tree, an individual deploys, in looking at Truth and Revelation.

Our fundamental Criteria is of Vital importance in this day of the Lord - ‘what we are looking with’, is as important as to ‘what we are looking ‘at’.

Remember Copernicus and Galileo’s discovery of the Sun, not the Earth, being the center of our universe? The only thing that has changed in reality, since then, is the paradigm or criteria within man, withwhich mankind views reality - progressively proceeding from a flat earth interpretation of reality to Relativity and Quantum perspectives etc.

With an obvious parallel in the progressive development and understanding of the Spiritual reality, of our Image of God, ourselves and creation. Obviously ‘The Criteria’ with which one deploys such a deeper judgement, is critical.

Spiritual Adultery.

Significantly, the many times Sacred Scripture refers to ‘an adulterous generation’ and ‘hardness of heart’ in the New and Old Testament, it is not referring to the abuse of illicit sexuality, but something far more sinister and debilitating, to mankind's spiritual development and maturity in relationship to Love, Life and Godliness . Ie. Holiness. (See Heb.3.13:19 & Heb.4.3 : 11)

Spiritual Adultery, is the act of having more than one married Spouse. Or joining oneself to more than one person. Ie. Duality - of holding to a Mistaken Identity and a True Identity at the same time.

A conscious awareness of Good and a conscious awareness of Evil. Being moved by appearance, by effects and not the cause or the source. etc (See Mt.12. 39,16.4, Mr 8.38, & Heb. 3.13.19).

Raising another even more relevant question, if this insidious power is so ubiquitous in the heart of all mankind, what is its origin and how does it have such power to disrupt and bring to naught, so much of our aspirations and good intentions of the work of Faith and the Spirit?

Our 'Found State' in Genesis, is still reeking havoc with Believers today.

Interestingly, the answer is found in the Genesis narrative of the Garden of Eden. Where, if we can see beyond the literal, the Garden can be seen as a metaphor for our Conscious Awareness - our innate capacity for creativity, as well as nurturing and interpreting our world view of reality.

Where our forefathers were cautioned by God, that wherever mankind ate off the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they will surely die - death being a conscious awareness or existence in separation from God - which would always prevail. (See Gen.2. 17).

Whilst there exists in the same Garden (within us all), another Tree - the hidden Tree of Life.(See Gen.2.9).

One Tree causes us to be anthropocentric - man - centred, the other Tree God-centric - God centred, or our Christ Conscious Awareness.

It was only later in my life, that I was awakened to this Truth. That the curse of death in my Conscious Awareness, was empowered equally, from my knowledge of good, as much as it was from my knowledge of evil- both are cursed, to produce death and darkness.

My found state - the whole paradigm of my lowered Conscious Awareness was Dualistic, flawed and tainted by death, separation and Sin            Self - Consciousness.

I became acutely aware of the need to die to this realm of daulistic separation, and to discover access to that hidden tree of Life, my Christ Conscious Awareness within. (That Most Holy Place of Oneness, within my Inner Tabernacle, where God is One not a Twoness).

My Old Wine Skins won't hold this New Wine.

I finally realized, the futility of the religious ‘Dead Works’ of trying to put good new wine (Revelation Knowledge of Truth, no matter how correct) Into my old wine skin, where all is lost. (That paradigm of my dualistic sin conscious awareness, of death and darkness). (See Mt.9.17).

Like the ill-fated ship, the Titanic, be ye at the high dry end or the low wet end, the ship and its people were ultimately doomed to a cold watery grave. Unless they could find an entirely new ship.

I Saw Satan Fall from Heaven.

I can truly say, that when this moment of stupendous Revelation fully dawned on me, I finally saw what Jesus meant, when He declared, ‘I saw Satan - the adversary, the accuser, the liar, the thief, fall from heaven like lightning’.(See Lk.10.18.19).

My personal ‘god of my world’, ‘my own strong man’  was exposed and cast down, as dethroned and disempowered.

Where, I was at last enabled to sustain and assimilate a continuity of Love, Life and Godliness, from the Tree of Life.

To find my True Identity in Christ, rather than in Adam lowered state.

‘Behold I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy (individually and collectively) and nothing shall injure you. All authority has been given me in heaven and earth.’ (See Mt 28: 18 & Mt 16. 18:19).

This ‘found state’ of death and duality (a consciousness of Good & Evil into which we are all born) has previously had Carte Blanche access, to operate in my life, not only with total impunity, but with my blind unbridled co-operation, by exercising my cursed knowledge of good and evil ignorantly.

Significantly Jesus told us quite explicitly, that it was the evil from the heart of man that defiles him, not anything coming into him from the outside. The defilement proceeds from evil thoughts (Our Lowered Consciousness of good and evil),from which proceeds fornication, theft, murder, adultery, covertness etc....(See Mr.7. 18:23)

Modus Operandi.

It is striking, how the modus operandi of my individual dualistic knowledge of good and evil, acts in tandem with that collective satanic force at large.

How my Dualistic Separated Conscious Awareness, mirrors the exact same role, of being my adversary, my accuser, liar and thief etc., in the face of my True Identity of all I am in Christ, of all I am found to be in the Tree of Life and all I am in God’s all encompassing Love.

Jesus cautioned, "Unless we bind the Strong man first - Our dualistic separated conscious awareness, we could not take back our rightful possessions - Our Tree of Life. (See Mr.3.27)

I, like many others, have since found an entirely new meaning to the living spiritual reality of His assurance in Jh,16.33, ‘These words I have spoken to You, that in Me (A Christ Conscious Awareness derived from the Tree of Life) you will have Oneness in Christ (Peace). In the world (Your inner world of duality, of appearances and effects of what you see and feel) you will have tribulation (sometime appearing good sometimes appearing evil). Take courage, I have, already overcome (your) World. (See Jh.16.33)

Sanctify them in Truth.

As Thou didst send Me into the World, I have sent them into the world (See Jh.17.17.18). To overcome that found state of Duality. The Re-Formation of My Conscious Awareness.

My true conversion in Christ, must include my attaining an entirely new mind-set on the Spirit (The Tree of Life), rather than my mind-set on the flesh, derived from my ‘found state’ of the knowledge of good and evil. (See Rom.8. 6:9).

My Flesh and Blood ( of my lowered consciousness) will never gain my entry into the Kingdom of God - within (See ! Cor.15.50) - without this repentance.

Yet Jesus was bold to maintain, if we attained this (Effective) repentance, the Kingdom of God was at hand. (Mt.4.17)

'The Holy Spirit is signifying this, that the way into the Most Holy Place (within) is not (Even) disclosed, while the outer tabernacle (Dualistic Conscious Awareness) still stands - or is operative'. (See Heb.9.8). 'Who has become such, not based on the Law of physical requirements, but according to the power of an indestructible life'. (See Heb.7.16) - Which is the 'Christ in you, who is this hope of Glory.' (See Gal.2.20).


Imagine for a moment, the power of one individual, so endowed with such  hidden, laten potential of this Divine power of the indestructible and infinite Life of Christ, within?

Then imagine what Divine Power will be released, when a critical mass of believers, so appropriate this hidden reality, by an inner realization and inner recognition, of faith.

It will revolutionize the Body of Christ itself as well as this lost, dying and tormented World in comparison.

Potentially, this mind set on a Christ Conscious Awareness has all the similarities to the Second Appearing of Christ, in and through His many membered Body.

Foretold,where, 'when we see Him as He is' (Within Spirit) ( See 1Jh.3)' Appearing in many myriads of multitude of His saints' (See Jude 1.14) Appearing in Us, Through Us and as Us - in His many membered Glorified Embodiment.

It is in this profound, God-ordained repentance and conversion, wherein lies the very essence and core of all God Ordained Reform-ation.

A Re-formation from one tree to another (See Heb.9. 10).

A miraculous transference in our very Conscious Awareness, from the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of (Light) of His beloved Son.(See Col.1.13).

This of course is no simple matter, or is it a one-off religious event. Such as ‘being Saved’, ‘being Baptised’, or being ‘Begotten Again’.

But rather, it is from a life time of an ongoing progression in the maturity in Christ. Biblically known Conversion.

My Daily Cross  - of Life, Death and Resurrection.

Of daily taking up my cross - a parabolic figure of speech, which is inclusive of the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, a process of my being en-christed..(By Faith)  Daily putting to Death the effects of my dualistic conscious awareness of what appears as good or evil.

And by Faith appropriating my Resurrection/ Ascension Life,  my New Conscious Awareness of being One in Christ, to follow the exact same ‘Way’ Jesus did.(See Mt.16.24).

He who overcomes (the Dualistic Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,) will eat (Be grounded, assimilate, nourished and sustained) from the Tree of Life. (Rev.2.7 & 22.1:3).

My Inner Two Trees.

'For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit.You will know them by there fruit.' (See Lk.6.43:45).

Significantly, you will know the sum total of the Truth of everything you are believing, not by how Biblical it is, but by its fruit and from which tree. From whence this knowledge was predicated and derived from. (in the letter is death, only the Spirit gives life, See 2 Cor. 3.6).                                

The reason a 'Half Truth' is worse than a a 'Whole Lie', is because it is harder to tell the difference between Two that One.

'Wisdom is shown to be the truth, by the actions of the people who  believe it'. (See Lk.7.35 - The Source Translation)

This deeper perspective, takes Revealed Truth, above and beyond mere aspirational and mental agreement.The Word becomes Incarnational.

We, as God's People are being invited today, by this Spirit of Divine Grace, in this time in His-Story, to repent from the futile ‘religious’ attempts of building an Abode and Dwelling place on the sand - of our knowledge of Good and Evil.

After we discover this Sacred Secret of building a Spiritual Abode of God and man, on this earth - on the Rock, the Christ, the Tree of Life. (See Mt 7.13: 29 & Lk 6.48).

After all, Christ is Faithful over His House... whose House (Christ Conscious Awareness) we are, if we hold fast our confidence and hope firm until the end - until its fulfilment. (See Heb.3 1:8).

Today, If You Hear His Voice.

'Today, if you hear His voice (From the Tree of Life), Do not harden your Heart (By deploying your Dualistic knowledge of Good and Evil). As in the day of (Your) Trial in Wilderness' (Of your separated  Conscious Awareness)........... (See Heb. 3. 7:19).

The Primary "Sin" in the Wilderness of heart, of all Humanity, is our 'Mistaken Identity' derived from the Knowledge of Good and Evil'.

Yet, when we actually behold and recognise, by Revelation Knowledge, what John proclaimed and beheld, that  the Lamb of God had taken away 'the Sin' of the World. He spoke of a Singular "Sin" or a Sin of all Sins. Our found State of a 'Mistaken Identity' formed by the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (See Jh.1.29 & Lk 3.6)

In this New Covenant we are told to 'Present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your Spiritual Service of Worship. And do not be conformed to this world (By your dualistic Conscious Awareness), but be transformed (and Re-formed) by the renewing of your Mind (By a Christ Conscious Awareness or a Righteous  Consciousness) .

That you may prove (Evidenceially)  what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect (Mature and Complete)' (Rom.12. 1:2)

Michael J Wood OM. See more of these Posts - and share them with others - Thanks for your faith-filled and faith-full support and encouragement..   email:

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A Circle was Drawn

A circle was drawn to count me out.

Seen by many, as one to flout.

Yet Love and I, with the wit to win.

We drew a bigger circle and counted them in.

Their Dualistic circle started and began in time,

As the place to establish, man’s origin line.

Yet the Love of God included all things within.

Its Wisdom, a much greater place to begin.

A Gospel Begotten, before anything was grounded,

In Triune Love, where all is founded.

This Love Pre-existed the ages of glory.

Where Love and I, share the same story.

Before the beginning and after the end,

Infinite Love - is the message to send.

Exchange the Circle, of a ‘gospel so small’,

With a Love all-encompassing, that is all and in all.

A Spirituality of the heart transcendental,

Is beyond our reason and our mental.

Only a Christ-Consciousness Awareness, from the Tree of Life,

Can put an end, to our ‘Tree of Strife’.

By Michael J. Wood. O.M.                                                 Int.Copyright.© 2014

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