Good Friday

Jesus did A Trade - His Life for our Sins ?

What is the far deeper Meaning to this Incredible Sacrificial Event? Is this Mystery of Mysteries, pointing to a far greater Plan and Purpose of an all knowing, all present Love of God?  

St.Lukes Anglican Church Hornsby Heights.Thank you for your flyer ‘Jesus did a trade - His life for our sin’, in your letter box drop recently.

I assumed this premise is to be the bases of your reflection, on the Message of Easter? Not withstanding the central importance of this aspect of Christ's Sacrificial Death.

I would ask, with all due respect, for the benefit of the multitudes needing to think more deeply, on this subject - in their Adult Faith, what if we were to re-look at this proposition another way?

'‘Did Jesus trade His Life for our sin’ or was there something far more profound in this Sacrifice of Love than meets the eys? In the sense of seeking a far more inclusive and comprehensive meaning, of His Death and to His Almighty Love for the world?

1. To ask, is this physical, historical death of Christ, the sum total purpose and 'focal point', of the meaning of Good Friday and Easter - or is there far more?

2. If so, is there a far deeper meaning, to the Plan and Purposes of the death of Christ - in the Spiritual realm and in the Will and Purposes of God? if so, in what context does it fit into the overall Plan and Purposes of Godhead's all knowing, all powerful, all present Infinite and Almighty Love?

3. To then ask, is there a far deeper meaning to this rudimentary perspective, beyond this minimalized and rather hackneyed ‘common knowledge of understanding’, to both the churched and the unchurched, in our wider community - is there a far greater meaning yet to be revealed to us?

4. Biblically speaking, is there not a far far Bigger Picture to this Epic Cosmic and Spiritual Event of Easter - in the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, beyond our dire anthropocentric needs ?

5. Biblically speaking, is there not a far greater Purpose of Divine Love, beyond this very anthropocentric (Man centred) and reductionist view, which is usually predicated solely from our ‘found state’ of duality. Of our hapless fear, guilt and utter unworthiness? (See Gen.2.9, Mr 3.25, Mt.10.36 & Mt 6.24).

6. Biblically speaking, what really is the comprehensive plan and purpose of this illusive and culminating Mystery of all Mysteries? Of the all encompassing, all present, all knowing Love of God. In freely initiating the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of His only begotten Son, before any created thing - in Heaven and Earth. As revealed in these exact same Sacred Scriptures? (See Rev.13:8 & 1Pt.1.19:20)

7.Is there such an unfathomable aspect of this conundrum, that to this day, the rulers of this lowered state, can't fathom this Almighty Love - of God’s initiative not ours - so profound and illusive, that it is yet to be apprehended, by us.(See 1Pt.1.5, Eph.1.9:10, Eph.3.9 & 1Cor.2.1:16)

8. As audacious as it may sound, is it not more than possible, that this Inter-Relational Triune Love of the Godhead. So Loved Love it actually sacrificed the very life of the only begotten Son, The Lamb of God. So as to both first Createall things,  then restore all things, in Christ, back of the Godhead ? (See Gen. 1, Jh.1.1:5, Col. 1, 15:16, Heb.1. 1:4 & !Cor.15.26:28).

9. Are these same Sacred Scriptures still waiting to yield these sacred secrets,(See 1Pt.1.4:5 & Heb. 9.28) by His Spirit? Of the far deeper meaning of a Sovereign, Infinite Plan and Purpose of the Godhead’s all knowing, all present, all powerful Love, in Creating Creation exactly the way He has? (See Jh.3.16,& Jh.10.17:18. & Eph.4.9:10)

10. Is this Incredulous Plan of God, still way beyond, what our eyes has seen or our hearts conceived - to date? (Mr.8.18, 1Cor.2.6: 16)

11. Are we in fact, in need of an entirely New Wine Skin (A Conscious Awareness) - or a new Paradigm? Long before we assume to try assimilate and or squander, this incredible New Wine (This Deeper Revelation Knowledge), of the profound meaning of this bigger picture of the Gospel - Of His All Encompassing Triune  Love. Of our world view of God, of ourselves and of reality itself? ( See Mt.9. 17)

12. Was not The Christ, The Word of God, in fact, the Seed of all Seeds, Divinely purposed in the Triune Love of the Godhead, to be the first and the last, to be sent out in Love. To be slain unto death (fragmented and separated) in Love. Before the foundation of the world, like a seed going into the ground.(See Jh.12:24, Gal 3.16 & Col.1.15:18).

13. Shall the same, sent out Infinite, Divine Word of God, spoken from My mouth (of Gen.1.1:31), return empty and void? Will it ever be without the power to bring itself to pass ? (See Isa.55.11 & Rev, 5.12:14)- Bearing in mind this same spoken Word of God is the Christ, the Lamb, the Divine energy of the Godhead.

14. Was it not sent out as the very means to this end, where His Divine Genius purposed, in Love, to exponentially replicate and multiply His own Image and Likeness of Life, Love and God-likeness - One Hundred Fold (As in the stars of the sky and the sand on the shore, as typified with Abraham/Isaac Covenant in Gen.15:5). As the mystical embodiment of a many membered Christ - in us, through us and as us? (Gen. 1.26, Col.3.4 & 1Jh.3.2: 4)

15. An audacious sounding Plan and Purpose,to the unitiated, of an All Encompassing Love, that so Loved Love, it gave of Love, even unto death, for the replicating and multiplication of Love. The Ultimate Plan and Purpose of God. For the sole purpose of grafting in, a many membered embodiment. In such a profound way, whereby, they too could ultimately share, participate in, and contribute to, this same Divine Life of Love, Light and Godliness, in Christ. Of an inter-relational intimacy, ecstasy, passion and co-creativity, in their own right, in Christ. (See 1Pt.1.3:5 & 2Pt.1.2:4)

Obviously, if any reader finds this to be to much - at this point in time, be advised to stay at the level of understanding of Sacred Scripture where you are, and where it is working in your life. Unless of course you can see, that the level of what you believe, is not adequately sustaining your present spiritual Life and walk of faith.

On the other hand it may be, as St Paul cautioned, 'that which is old and obsolete is ready to disappear" (See Heb.8.13)

The Holy Spirit may be beckoning you into a deeper walk in Sacred Scriptures and in your understanding of Life and Love itself. (See Phil.3.5) For your consideration. You maybe being led to reflect on these Sacred Scriptures, as to the bigger picture and the deeper more comprehensive meaning of Easter, as the core Mystery of all Mysteries.

Of the all encompassing Inter-relational Triune Love of the Godhead, was planed and purposed, in and through The Birth, Death , Resurrection  and Ascension of Jesus Christ, before any created thing?. As an incredulous 'Means' to a most Glorious 'End'. The expontensial replication and multiplication of His own Image and Likeness of Inter-relational Triune Love.

I might add, the primary reason I believe in the Birth, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ Jesus, is because I now see it, in the context of happening in my own and everyone eses Life. In the Godhead's All encompassing Triune Love - not in my 'found state' of Dualistic Sin Self Consciousness.

I now see this Divine pattern and process of God's all encompassing Love, which the Christian Church commemorates at Easter, as a phenomena being continuously out-worked in my life daily.

I now see the ongoing process in myself, in others and in universal life itself. I also happen to be of the considered opinion, that the oath bound promise, God made in a Pre Existent Covenant to Abraham, in response to his faith and trust, as a ratification and sign of the unbreakable infinite Covenanted Relationship of essence of Divine Love (See Heb.6. 13:20).

An Event which is actually typifying, the pre existent, unbreakable inter-relational Infinite bond of Love, Union and Communion, between the Triune Godhead - without beginning or end. A World View - An all-encompassing Triune Love of the Godhead, is the Building Block and the Meaning of everything.

Where I now see the All encompassing Love of the Triune inter-relationship of the Godhead, as being the very bases of my World View of reality, as the pattern of the ultimate 'meaning of everything' and the 'Buildind Block' of all that is.

Furthermore, I now see this very essence of Inter-Relational Triune Love, has within itself, the very capacity, of so Loving Love, it will give of Love - even unto its own death, as the means to this end. As the only authentic means, or 'Modus Operandi', of reproducing and sharing its inter-relational intimacy and ecstasy - exponentially.

The authentic cycular process of Christ's Creative Triune Love, is in fact, Life - Death - Resurrection and Ascension. It was Finished from the Foundation of the World. Yes, it is finished, in the sense of its completion from the foundation of the world and/or at Calvary (See Jh.19.30, Jh.17.4 & Heb. 4.3. Eph.1.4 & (Because both events are one and the same Spiritual phenomena - not time bound, they are one and the same thing.

The importance of Calvary as a Physical and Historical manifestation, in time and space,  is the ratification of what had transpired in the Inter-Relational Triune Love of the Godhead, from before the very creation of the world. A Ratification of Triune Love's 'Means' to an expontial 'End', where, ultimately Triune Love wil be in All and as All. 

Yet, this incredibly complex, Divine conundrum of Creative Triune Love, is, that this cyculer matrix of Christ's Almighty Creativite Triune Love, is an all inclusive, Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension process. A spiral like matrix, which is being out worked and replicated exponentially, as in a present continuous, perpetual motion, in all of Creation and in all Life - including our very own spiritual life. (See Jh.17:4, Jh. 19.20 & Heb.4.3).

Death is Part of Life. Wherein Death itself, is a vital and integral part, of the Glorious Sharing of Life, Death,Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ - is th very means to this end - the one hundred fold multiplication of a many membered embodiment of Christ. Like a seed going to the ground to die - so as to reproduce itself exponentially. (See Jh.12: 24)

Indeed one could rightly ask, where would the Plan and Purpose of the Godhead's Triune Love for the World be - as a means to this end?  Without the inaugural death and lowering of the Lamb of God, from before the beginning of Creation of Heaven and Earth? Rev.13.8 & 1Pt.20, Rom 8.20 & Rom 11.32)

What is more, as believers, unless you take up your Cross - the process of Life, Death,Resurrection and Ascension, Daily - By faith, you have no part of me (See Mt.10:38 & Mr.10:21).  Like a seed - See Gal.3.16.18. (you remain single and in isolation)

Where in the Maturing of Christ in you, as a progressive continuum of faith, trust and obedience - until Christ be (Re ) Formed in you - In you, as you and through you - As the ultimate 'Second Appearing', in His Glorious many membered embodiment. (See Heb. 9.28 & Jude 1.14) As in Adam all died, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.(See 1 Cor.15.22).

'So then  as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men'. (See Rom.5.18).

''It was the Godhead's (Father's) Good pleasure for te fullnees of the Godhead to dwell in Him, an through Him, to reconcile all things back to Himself, having made peace with throught the Life (Blood) of His cross; Throught Christ (Him), I say, whether things on earth or things under the earth (Living or Dead) or in Heaven'. (see Col.1. 19 :20).

Nothing will or can separate us from the Love of God. The Triune Love of the Godhead, so Loved the World, they sent the Son, as a means to this end, to both to create all things and redeem all things back to itself. If Love (God is Love) is for us, who can be against us ? ......for I am convinced (Ultimately) that neither death, nor life, nor angles, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor heights, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (See Rom.8. 31: 39).

Where Jesus, (as) the first and (as) the Last and He who is alive forevermore, actually has the keys (authority) of Hell and Death. (See Rev.1. 17:18) Which He gave to all of us His His Ecclesia (His Embodiment), these same Keys (Authority of Hell and Death). To those who had the 'Revelation Knowledge' of who the Christ actually was, and as the 'Rock' on which to build a Christ Conscious Awareness, as Peter did. (See Mt 16.18:19 & Jh.16.13:15) 

When I saw, and I knew I saw, the Inter-Relational Triune Love of God in all things, I saw and knew I saw, all things in the Inter-Relational Triune Love of God.

Ultimate, the reason that God cannot stop loving us, is simply because His Love never had a beginning - so it can never have an end.

In Fond Regards and in Love, keep on keeping on, maintain the search and have a meaningful  Anastasios.

Michael Wood OM.

(PS. Please keep in the Loop with your feed back and referral to others - dialogue is important in our growth of Love and Unity in the Spirit. We would be delighted to share your perspective on the Infinite, All Encompassing Love of God.)

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