'The Quantum Love of God - before any Created Thing'.                      

Only by starting the Gospel where God started the Gospel, before the beginning - in His Love. Can we be assured of authentically finishing the Gospel, where God finishes the Gospel, after the finish - in His Love.

Truly revolutionary insights, into the far reaching implications of the Triune nature of the all knowing Love of God. Which is inter-relational, inter-dependant and self sustaining.

This all-encompassing Triune Love, incapsulates the entire Plan and Purpose of 'All Things being Created, through Him, for Him and By Him (As seen in Jh.1.30 & Col.1. 16 :21 and Eph.)  

An all knowing, all present and all powerful God of Love, that  so Loved Love, it purposed to give of itself, unto death and resurrection. So as to replicate and share of its very intimacy and ecstasy experientially and and inter-relationally. 

It was for  this purpose that the Godhead so loved Love, as a means to this end A Triune Love so profound and all encompassing, that ultimately, nothing can separate or remain separated from this potent Divine Infinite sauce. (See Rom.8. 35.39)

Challenging all believers, to accurately realign their own inner world-view of this ultimate spiritual reality, with the reality of God's sovereign Love, Will and Purpose.  Where we need to authentically discern between this complex means (Methodology) of Love, to the profound end (Purpose) of Triune Love. God is Love. And as such the Godhead's Triune Love, was, is and always will be an all encompassing Love.

In this book 'The Quantum Love of God, before any created thing', we are invited to reconsider the crucial importance and responsibility we have, of the ongoing re-visioning of our perspectives of the Gospel, as to the ultimate plan and purpose of the all encompassing Love of God. To mature from a 'man-centred' perspectives, to a more comprehensive picture of a 'God-centred' perspective.

To grow from our selective in part knowledge and in part revelation, to a quantum whole perspective of the Godhead's Triune Love for the World. To authentically discern between the means (methodology) of Love, to the ultimate end of an all-encompassing Quantum plan and purpose of Triune Love itself, and its Glorious Plan and Purpose for Creating Creation.

A profound mystery, which simply put, was and is, to share exponentially and by replication, the intimacy and ecstasy of an inter-relational Love. By sending forth His Son as a seed of all seeds, to fall to the ground into fragmentation. Through which all things were both created and reconciled in the Godhead through Christ.

Ultimately, as the Divine means of authentically multiplying and sharing, exponentially, His very own image and likeness one hundred fold - or the Stars of the Sky and the sand on the shore.

'Seven Day Sonrise'.                                                  

Reveals incredible research into how the 'Seven Feast of Israel', were fulfilled in the New Testament, in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ. And as such there important efficacy is available to all believers, as vital provision and empowerment of God, for our progressive maturity and enchristedness, until Christ be formed in us.

'Cause of Child Abuse, in our Churches'.                                            

A timely and crucial insight, into the sad systemic causes, of both child abuse and there corrupt cover-ups, by religious institutions across the churches, regardless of creed or culture.

An insight into the causes of the most heinous atrocity imaginable, and perpetrated against defenceless, innocent children - on our watch - as Parents and church members.

Importantly the complex causes of such horrific aberrations of child abuse and there criminal cover ups, are found to be effects, rather than the cause of  this systemic abuse of power and control.

Revealing far deeper endemic issues, beyond denominational, sexual and theological aberrations.

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