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Biblical Poetry.

Biblical Poetry, like the Arts in general, such as stories. parables, song, music, dance etc. Are Mediums of communication and understanding when used effectively and  can convey far deeper meaning, to those who dispose themselves to it.

No with the wisdom of mathematicel certitude of 'evidence based' reason or a literalism of the head - for those needing doctrinal security.

But with a wisdom of the heart,  from the intuitive, symbolic, metaphoric, found in parables, types and copies, as deployed in all the great Prophetic utterances, including by Jesus in the Gospels.

Often unlocking multiple facets of enduring truth and  infinite possibilities of meaning in what Sacred Scripture is pointing to.

Where sadly, our modern imbalanced 'Left brain' wisdom has impoverished our spirituality, by informing us around the 'Pointer', whilst never reaching the full meaning of what the pointer is pointing to. ( Like focusing on the finger pointing to the Moon, and missing the Moon.)

Like all the Arts, Biblical Poetry can be bennificial in helping us liberate the deeper meaning of The Living Word of God.

It is both haunting and daunting what Gospel Poetry can illuminate. Allowing us to dream new possibilities, to re-awaken the mind and spirit to fresh hope and promise.

While poetry may not resolve all the dilemmas and conundrums raised by literalism, legalism or academic scholarship, it can liberates the heart, impregnates the creativity of our imaginations and inspires the dynamics of our passion.

Crusial for human inter-relational response and interaction, resolve, endurance, romance, intimacey and ecstasy.

We wlll never know meaningful Com-Passion without the awakening of our enduring  God Given Passion. 

The difficulty with all Prophetic Vision, is the difficulty of then translating it into our finite Words and finite expressions.