The Triple ’S’ Disorder 

(The euphemism for the Royal Commission into the Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuse, quickly became  known colloquially, as ‘The Shepherds Shagging Sheep Disorder Enquiry ’, or The Triple ’S‘ Disorder, for short.)                                       (See 

Abandon Hope, all who enter here, is the foreboding refrain.
As it’s a long day, in this man-made Hell, for True Love - to ever be regained. 

Where the sacred and the profane, are so twisted and deranged.                                                   Defending the indefensible, beggars belief - beyond insane. 

Trashing the trust of the Innocent, betraying ‘Our duty of care’, is infernal.                                           To abandon Children to such internal torment - is the nightmare that is eternal. 

Craving ‘control and power-over’ others, is mankind’s misplaced opinion.                                       A poor substitute to ‘Bridle’ true love, within oneself, for Divine freedom and dominion. 

There is no difference, between ‘pseudo’ religious authority and the ‘perverted’ predator.                                Both collude for this same ‘self-gratification’, originates from the one ‘insatiable’ detractor. 

Consumed by this same self-addiction - for perverted power and control,                                                         To which they’ll gain the world, and be  prepared to sell their soul. 

Whilst always ‘knowing whats right and wrong, for others’.
In their infernal will-to-power, they desecrate the ‘free will’ of others. 

Both are enslaved and egocentric, with the same end that Justifies their means.                                 Driven by their hidden ulterior motives, they never appear to be what they seem. 

Discerning, this duality of opposites - one as Good and one as Evil - is  a cursed criteria,             Only a resurrected consciousness, from the Tree of Life, will we correct, this optical myopia. 

This distortion, from the vestibule, of ‘our inner man-of-sin’,
Are prophesied to be revealed, in all of us - prior,  to the appearing of Christ, within,                      (See 2 Thes. 2.3: 8) 

The God given birthright of ‘free will’, is sacrosanct and universal,                                               what God has joined together, let no man mal-form as contemptible. 

Being found in contempt of the Law of God and Man, and common decency,                                 As the very Law-less, they became a Law unto their own regency.

                          Our ‘Coming of Age’ as other Christ’s, has obligations, too speak with courage so as to be heard.                                                                                                                                  Never again allowing,‘our truth’ to be explained away, or relegated as absurd. 

Mark my words, you who have entered here - you’ll will never be the same.                                   Now so ordained to stem this tide, by ‘My Grace Sufficient’, which I’ve so named. 

Will you too, with Me, not suffer - these little children’s eternal crying.                                             Now as multitudes of grown adults, are still traumatised and dying? 

In their hope-less-struggle ‘to come unto Me’, so as to dispel this diabolical sorcery.
Only in the experience of My All Encompassing Triune Love, can they overcome Love’s most      insidious of forgeries. 

Just as I once proclaimed True Love’s, Good News, to all those imprisoned in Hell.                                So You to, will lead captives captive, in your empowered New Name - to Go, Show and Tell.              

( See Eph.4.8 :10, 1Pt.3.18:20, 1Pt.4:6 & 1Jh.4. 16:18)

By Michael J Wood OM. 

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