A Circle Was Drawn.

A circle was drawn to count me out.

Seen by many, as one to flout.

Yet Love and I, with the wit to win.

Drew a bigger circle and counted them in.

Their Dualistic circle started and began in time,

As the place to establish, man’s origin line.

Yet the Love of God included all things within.

Its Wisdom, a much greater place to begin.

A Gospel Begotten, before anything was grounded,

In Triune Love, where all is founded.

This Love Pre-existed the ages of glory.

Where Love and I, share the same story.

Before the beginning and after the end,

Infinite Love - is the message to send.

Exchange the Circle, of a ‘gospel so small’,

With a Love all-encompassing, that is all and in all.

A Spirituality of the heart transcendental,
Is beyond our reason and our mental.

Only a Christ-Consciousness Awareness, from the Tree of Life,

Can put an end, to our ‘Tree of Strife’.

By Michael J. Wood. O.M.

One in Christ Fellowship Int.Serving Humanity Globally.



Int. Copyright.© 2014

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