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ONE IN CHRIST FELLOWSHIP International        

 Serving humanity globally.

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Michael and Mary Wood.  

Are Globally recognised as Inspirational Convention Speakers, Teachers and Biblical Scholars.

As Practioners of Faith, they are Pastors and Founders of One In Christ Fellowship International, since 1980 

With an exciting focus and insight into the Inter-Relational Triune Love of the Godhead,  The very same Love the Godhead has for the World and for all men...



Triune Love of God

Master Class



Hyatt Hotel.                         Circular Quay, Sydney.

Sat 7th Dec 2019.

8.30 am -4.30 pm  Near Sydney Harbor Bridge.          Opp. Opera House.                 Admission by reservation only.  Book Early.

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We rely entirely on love offerings from our readers and benefactors who support our same endeavours.

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We are encouraged by the feed back we received from different parts of the World and the embodiment of Christ.

By those able to 'Maintain the Loop' with direct communication, in response to our last 'OPEN TABLE' Post.

We Love to hear what your Thinking and seeing in God.

It certainly stimulates much thought and further discussion, on the deeper meaning of the Plan and Purpose of the Birth, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ.

When seen in its Comprehensive  Quantum Context of Inter-relational Triune Love.

As an incredulous means to a Glorious end, of  Inter-Relational Triune LOVE. 

Thanks for Maintaining the Loop.

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Like the story of our lives -

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serving humanity globally.

Granted, there is no right answers for the wrong Questions,  

              Surely, the Universal Questions in this Day and Age, are,                                          for both the Churched and the Unchurched, alike.

' Where on Earth is God ? '                                                                     

' What in the World is God  doing - in our day ? '

We are communicating a deeper and progressive inter-relational understanding, of the Living Word of God and the Sacred Secrets hidden from pased generations, of The Triune Love of God.

Until Christ be formed in us, through us and as us

    - by the Spirit.

                                         Current Post                                                                                     One Liners - 2019

       One Liners 2019. Volume One                                                                       Tall Tales and True and other Attention Keepers.

THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WOOD - WWW                                         By Michael J. Wood. OM. 

 : He might have ‘buried the hatchet’. But he sure has ‘marked’ the spot.  

 : A  Father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.

 : Do Right and Fear no Man, Don’t Write and fear all Women.

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Past Posts, Podcasts and youtubes


 Is Duality Our Spiritual Carcinogen ?    


  • Where did Jesus Address the Importance of Duality?
  • Is Duality something beyond double minded or negative thinking?
  • Is Duality a hidden problem to most Spiritual Practitioners today?
  • Is Duality the most insidious impediment to our Walk of Faith and Spiritual Maturity in Christ,  today ?   

  Book Mark Poetry.

A circle was drawn to count me out.

Seen by many, as one to flout. 

Yet Love and I, with the wit to win. 

Drew a bigger circle and we counted them in.....



 Articles of Interest

 The Inter-Relational Triune Love of God.

God is Love (1 Jh.4 .16)... Love itself defines the very essence of the Godhead's Triune inter-relational nature and being.  All that God does and All God Creates is a Glorious self-expression of the Godhead's inter-relational, inter-dependant, inter-perpetuation characteristics of Inter-RelationalTriune Love.


 Book Introduction.

 The Quantum, Triune Love of God - before any created thing.                                                    

In this book 'The Quantum Triune  Love of God, before any created thing', we are invited to reconsider the crucial importance and responsibility, we have, of the ongoing re-visioning of our perspectives, of both God, Creation and the Gospel.  As to the ultimate Plan and Purpose, of the all encompassing Triune Love of God.

Of the need to outgrow our dependancy on our 'man-centred' perspectives, to a more comprehensive Criteria of a 'God-centred' perspective of the Inter-relational Triune Love of the Godhead.

To outgrow our Dualistic and Selective (Cherry Picking), in part knowledge and in part revelation,  into the Quantum (whole) Comprehension of the Purpose and Plan of the Inter-Relational Triune Love, which the Godhead has always had for the Whole World.

 .. Cont...


 Pre Creation Theology.

The Pre-creation Theological Criteria of the Quantum Triune Love of God, at last, gives us a more comprehensive Biblical Based Paradigm, in which to authentically comprehend, the all-encompassing  Quantum (whole)  Triune Love of God.

Together with His Sovereign Plan and Purpose of Creating Creation exactly the way He has, as a 'Means' to an even far greater 'End'.

Above and Beyond, what the Human Mind has imagined and the Human Heart has conceived, to this point of Time, Revelation and Godly Evolution of Faith.


 Why did God Create Creation exactly the way He has ?  

With respect, as complex as this Question is, we have only had an initial, reductionist comprehension of its Glorious Complexity. None-the-less, is it not time to nuance and revision our understanding, in a far deeper and more meaningful way? 

in the light of the 'Whole'of Sacred Scripture' and of God's Almighty Plan and Purpose of the all encompassing, all powerful, and all present Inter-Relational Triune Love ?

... Cont.